Aircraft Pair: Cobra Helicopter & P40 Warhawk Fighter Plane

designed by Bob Valle; cut by Joe Diveley

Floral Quartet


These patterns of two iconic aircraft, the Cobra Helicopter and the P40 Warhawk Fighter Plane, are sure to be treasured by flying enthusiasts. If desired, attach the scrolled pieces to 3/4"- to 1"-thick rectangular backers that have been painted deep blue, allowing the finished pieces to be displayed standing on edge on a shelf or desktop.


  • Wood: 1/4"-thick Baltic birch plywood or wood of choice—one piece 5-1/2" x 9-1/4" (for fighter
    plane), one piece 4" x 10" (for helicopter)
  • Tools: drill with assorted small bits; scroll saw with No. 2/0 blades or blades of choice
  • Temporary-bond spray adhesive
  • Blue painter’s tape
  • Sandpaper, assorted grits
  • Deft spray lacquer or clear finish of choice
  • Pattern—click here to download

Please refer to all manufacturers’ labels for proper product usage.


Step 1. Prepare each work piece by sanding the face of the wood and removing all dust. Apply a few coats of spray lacquer to the piece to seal the wood, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. When dry, sand the lacquered surface and remove all dust. Apply a layer of blue painter’s tape to the surface of the wood. (By sealing the wood prior to applying the tape, there is less likelihood that the tape will pull splinters from the surface.)

Step 2. Photocopy the patterns, saving the originals for future reference. Attach the patterns to the taped surfaces using temporary-bond spray adhesive. Drill all blade entry holes. Make all interior cuts, starting at the center of the designs and working out toward the edges. Cut the perimeter of each piece last.

Step 3. Remove the tape and patterns, and lightly sand the surfaces to remove any tape residue and fuzzies. Finish by applying one or two additional coats of spray lacquer.

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