Beware Subscription Fraud

Please read and apply the warning to any magazines you subscribe to!

Beware Subscription Fraud

Postby John Polhemus » Thu Nov 30, 2006 9:44 am



Unfortunately, many of our readers have been targeted by a mail-fraud scheme involving subscription and renewal offers for Creative Woodworks & Crafts. (The large focus of the scam appears to be renewal offers, rather than new subscriptions.) Readers receive a mailing with a subscription-renewal offer that their renewal is due, and some have even been told that Creative Woodworks & Crafts is no longer being published. Please be aware that these are fraudulent claims, and readers should NOT respond to these requests. (We are also pleased to tell you that we are still in business!)
Many magazine publishers, including All American Crafts which publishes Creative Woodworks & Crafts, have been affected by this scheme. We are currently involved in an investigation to stop this illegal activity.

These fraudulent agents operate under many different names, including (but not limited to):
Publishers Billing Services
Magazine Billing Services
Magazine Payment Services
Magazine Billing Emporium

These agencies are not authorized to sell or renew subscriptions to Creative Woodworks & Crafts or any other magazine published by All American Crafts. (This list includes only the most prominent names of which we are currently aware. We are certain that there are other names under which these groups are operating.)
If you ever have any questions concerning your subscription, please email reader service at or call 1-800-940-6592. Subscription rates for a US subscription to Creative Woodworks & Crafts are: $29.97/one-year subscription (new or renewal), and $49.97 for a two-year renewal. Any other price you are offered should be questioned at
If you have fallen victim to this scam, please contact our Vice-President of Circulation and Marketing, Marie-Claire Macdonald, by emailing her at or writing her at All American Crafts, 7 Waterloo Road, Stanhope, NJ 07874. Any documentation you have, such as a canceled check, may help us in the investigation. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced as a result of this illegal activity, and we hope that you continue to enjoy Creative Woodworks & Crafts.

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