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What's Inside the March 2006 Issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts...
editor from the editor's desk

Welcome to the 114th edition of Creative Woodworks & Crafts! After a long absence from our pages, it's good to welcome Janice Manuel back as a project designer. Janice is a very talented, well-rounded, professional woodworker who brings a high level of craftsmanship to her work, whether it be scrolling, cabinetry, inlay, or furniture. Her Hidden Hearts White Corian® Box is a fine project, and you can expect to see more of Janice’s designs in upcoming issues.

Many of you have told us that you enjoy Wes Demarest’s regular “Wes’ Woodpile” feature, in which he covers, in depth, one wood species per issue. It’s all the “extra” information that he gives us that's so fascinating. For example, he tells us in this issue that Osage Orange is quite possibly the single most widely planted tree species in the U.S.; that it makes an effective natural fence for livestock and was commonly used as such prior to the invention of barbed wire; that it is the most rot and insect-resistant wood in North America; and that its combined strength and flexibility made it ideal for use in Native American bows, hence its nickname “Bow Wood.” Wes is also our project photographer as well as our on-the-road journalist. In fact, he and his wife Alice wes and alice demarest“discovered” Orchid Davis for us (see her Elk Woodburning in this issue), and they actually visited Orchid at her home in South Carolina to take the step-by-step photos shown in this issue’s woodburning feature. And as if this weren’t enough to keep them busy, Wes and Alice cover various woodworking shows for us as well as additional photo-journalistic pieces for our two sister magazines, Woodturning Design and Carving Magazine. We’re very fortunate to have them both with us!

Hats off to Sheila Bergner-Landry for yet another functional project that demonstrates how scroll sawing can be used with great effect in useful items such as her attractive Lazy Susan. Sheila tries hard to not just “crank out” the projects; rather, she strives to inspire other scrollers with projects that are fresh, interesting, and practical, and for this we are grateful.

Reader’s Gallery continues to turn up talent. Case in point: this issue’s Puffin Intarsia project came to us by way of Steve Lundrigan’s Reader’s Gallery submission. Another point being brought home by Reader’s Gallery is that many of you have only been scrolling for a year or two, yet your work is of a very high caliber. For example, Alan Fine of Goodyear, AZ has been scrolling for one year and his FIRST scrolling endeavor was Wildwood Designs’ Roman Cathedral clock, an incredibly complex piece!! This would have been beyond mind-boggling were it not for the fact that Alan was already an accomplished boat model maker and egg carver; however, this does not diminish his achievement. Similarly, Lori Butrick of Iron River, WI was scrolling for less than a year when she drew-up and created a 3 foot x 4 foot intarsia design to “help cover a 13-foot vaulted wall!” And then there’s Dave Hagen of Aberdeen, WA who was scrolling “a little over a year” when he tackled Whitetail Designs’ “Hooked on Fishing” project from our August, 2005 issue. We are truly awed by the talent (and fearlessness) of you, our readers. Please keep those clear photos coming!

There’s lots more to write about but I’ve got space limitations, so let me here wish you all Health and Happiness and THANK YOU for your loyal patronage of our magazine.

Robert Becker, Editor

Scrolling Projects:
Mother Koala
Welcome to Our Cabin
Whirlwind Knight
Kittens in Flowers
Two Mini Clocks
Posted Mini Clock and Nameplate
Hidden Hearts Box
Carousel Dreams
Peace Spirit Catcher
Old & New
Fox Kits
Strawberry Lazy-Susan
Time Guardians
Instant Friends
Six-Piece Burr Puzzle

Intarsia Projects:
Sea Turtle Intarsia
Puffin Intarsia

Woodburning Project:
Elk Woodburning

Scrolling with Rick: Wooden Gears
Wes’ Woodpile: Osage Orange
Reader’s Gallery
Intarsia Talk: Contouring

Peace Spirit Catcher
lazy susan
Strawberry Lazy Susan
woodburn elk
Elk Woodburning

puffin intarsia
Puffin Intarsia

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