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What's Inside the January 2007 Issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts ...
editor from the editor's desk

The real challenge is to find inspiration all about us, in all the “little” things. I am always struck by how well our designers for Creative Woodworks & Crafts are able to do just that. Look to Shelli Robinson’s “Wishes for Beauregard” for an example of this, where she captured the magic experienced by a little girl as she blows dandelion wishes for her best buddy. And Bruce Worthington’s “Wine Country” turns a simple setting of wine and cheese into a beautiful work of art.

John Polhemus is a master at finding sources of inspiration, whether it’s a grand event like his son’s wedding that prompted him to design his “Our Family” frame, or just the creative “lightning bolt” that struck as he looked at a chlorine tablet bucket and decided it could serve as the base of his shop workbench! (John’s first in a series of articles about modifying shop equipment appears in this issue, and readers are sure to benefit from John’s creative approach to setting up your shop so it works for you.)

Also in this issue, Sheila Bergner-Landry presents her last of three projects inspired by stencils. Her delicate trinket box is accented with veneer pieces she based on stencil designs. And leave it to Scott Kochendorfer, Roy King, and Bob Valle of Whitetail Designs to come up with the idea of cutting a shark tooth shape to frame their scrolled shark!
Inspiration is indeed all around us, but we are grateful to all of our incredibly talented designers who are able to turn that inspiration into pieces of art that we can all share. We hope you enjoy the selection of projects featured in this issue, and keep your letters and photos of your work coming!

Debbie McGowan
Managing Editor
Mallard Duck


January 2007 cover
January 2007 Issue
Some projects from this issue:
Wine Country
Wine Country Intarsia
Cozy Cub
Cozy Cub
more photos from this issue
In the January 2007 Issue:
Scrolling Projects:
A Familiar Pair of Cats
Mallard Duck
Leopard Pair
Box with Veneer Overlays
Welcome Sign
Clash of the Titans
Great White Shark Tooth
Angel Plaque
Our Family Frame
Wishes for Beauregard
Rearing Horse Sun Catcher
Cozy Cub
Butterfly Frame
Compound Cut Nameplates
Round Fret Lid Trinket Box
Lined Box
Intarsia Projects:
Eagle Feathers
Wine Country

Shop Talk: Scroller-Size Workbench
Cutting a Name for Yourself as a Scroll Sawyer
Reader’s Gallery
On the Road with the 2006 Midwest Scroll Saw Trade Show
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