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What's Inside the Holiday 2007 Issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts ...
editor from the editor's desk

Welcome to the 2007 Holiday issue!
It's been fun assembling this year's collection of projects and articles. I was particularly touched by the work Gary Browning and his associates have done in recent years through Project Freedom. For those of you who are not familiar with this effort, Project Freedom involves a group of scrollers who have reached out to families of American military service members who have lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq. The unselfishness and compassion shown by this group is truly inspiring, and "Sharing Your Blessings," which begins on page 16 of this issue, gives you an inside look at this heart-warming venture.

Holiday 2007 CoverOverall, this has been an exciting year for Creative Woodworks & Crafts—enthusiasm for scrolling and intarsia seems to be on the rise, as have sales, and we have only you, our audience, to thank. As a group, you are second-to-none in being active, involved, and passionate about your woodworking and it truly shows in the quality (and quantity) of your work. Time and again we are amazed by the many photos we receive from you for our Reader's Gallery feature; there seems to be no end to your creativity and talent! We feel blessed to be providing you with patterns and ideas that you can use, usually in your own way and always with your own unique interpretation of the original design. 

We've got lots of good ornament designs this year, in both the slotted and flat styles. Dirk Boelman has been churning out ornaments for us for twelve years now and it's remarkable that he keeps coming up with fresh ones! I want to welcome back our good friend, Dan Fenelon—we think you'll appreciate his twelve new ornament patterns. It's been a while since Dan's been in Creative Woodworks & Crafts, and he's always very original and fun to work with. If feedback from co-workers is any indicator of what will be popular, I'd put my "money" on the Wilckens' North Pole Sign, especially the smaller version (page 20)—between the front door and my office, when I was holding this project, I couldn't walk twenty feet without someone stopping me to look at it and ask if they could buy it!

As always, thanks to all our designers and writers for another fine job. And now, let me simply wish you all a happy, healthy holiday season and THANK YOU for your ongoing support!

Robert Becker, Editor

Some projects from this issue:

Here Comes Santa
Here Comes Santa!

Santa Saw
Santa Saw

Elves Clock
Mischievous Tree Trimmers Clock
Intarsia Sled
Intarsia Sleigh

more photos from this issue
In the Holiday 2007 Issue:
Scrolling Projects:
Santa Saw
Festive Blocks
Welcoming Santa
North Pole Sign
Santa’s Littlest Friends
Seasonal Clocks
Trumpeting Angel
Snowflake Snowman
Merry Christmas Sign
Fretwork Sled
Here Comes Santa!
Christmas Tree Frame
12 Ornaments by Dan Fenelon
10 Ornaments by Diana Thompson
14 Ornaments by Sue Mey
12 Ornaments by Dirk & Karen Boelman
12 Ornaments by Janice Manuel

Intarsia Projects:
Holiday Bells Segmentation
Intarsia Sleigh

Coming Next Issue
Sharing Your Blessings
Land That I Love
Reader’s Gallery
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