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What's Inside the April 2007 Issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts ...
editor from the editor's desk

Welcome to our April, 2007 issue! It's been a lot of fun putting this issue together. One aspect of this work that I especially enjoy is Reader's Gallery. When we first started this feature, I must admit my expectations were modest—I figured we'd have a page or two in every issue showing what our readers were creating in wood, but I never imagined this feature to have the positive impact on our basic operation that it has had. First, it has unearthed a lot of new talent. For example, this issue's cover features Don Ramage's Gorilla. We "discovered" Don through Reader's Gallery. Also, his Tree Frog appeared on our November, 2006 cover. Similarly, we met Deborah Nicholson through Reader's Gallery, and her "Engine No. 5" appears on page 70 of this issue.

But there's more to it than that—we've all been getting good ideas from you, our readers; case in point—a few issues ago, one of our readers, Elvin Tanner of Park Falls, WI, showed that he had taken a Wilckens fretwork box design, blown it up 150%, and added the names of his son and his son's bride to the lid, allowing it to hold the cards given to them at their wedding. Well, the Wilckens saw this and began to think about the ramifications and, as a result, several consecutive upcoming issues of Creative Woodworks & Crafts will feature various Wilckens clock designs that will each be shown in three different sizes. Honestly, without those size variations, those projects would be good, but not AS good as they will be when you see them. So you see, each of you affects the rest of us when you share your work, your innovative ideas, and your enthusiasm. The bottom line is this—you are a very talented group of individuals, and you have been supplying us with fresh ideas, which in turn prevents stagnation.
March 2007 cover
April 2007 Issue
Speaking of innovative ideas coming through Reader's Gallery, George Olinger of El Paso, TX has been given two pages in this issue (pages 68 and 69) to demonstrate how he has been able to combine scroll sawing with another of his hobbies, coin collecting. George was unable to find any commercially-drawn patterns based upon coins, so what did he do? He started drawing his own, and they are really good. I won't be surprised if George's innovations lead to many other good project ideas from other woodworkers whose inspiration is sparked by George's coin projects. We really do not ever have to worry that scroll sawing will become stagnant if we let our own creativity flow and share it with others.

We hope that you find in this issue some projects that you will enjoy building, as well as some innovative ideas that will spark your own creativity. Good health and happiness to you all!

Robert Becker, Editor
Some projects from this issue:
Charlie's Angel
Charlie's Angel

Eagle Soars
My Spirit Soars

Tractor Pull
Tractor Pull

more photos from this issue
In the April 2007 Issue:
Scrolling Projects:
Flower Trivets
Dragon Vigil
Lucky Horse
Tractor Pull
Flowerpot Stakes
Lace Picture Frame
Victorian Butterfly Fretwork Shelf
My Spirit Soars
Stuck Pup
Sign of Easter
Seven-Layer Box
Angels of Love Clock
Thirsty Leopard
Tissue Box Cover
Micro-Mini Clocks
Intarsia Projects:
Engine No. 5.
Charlie’s Angel
Gorilla Segmentation

Shop Talk with John Polhemus: Table-Tilt Gauge
Cutting a Name for Yourself as a Scroll Sawyer: Selecting and Applying to Shows
Wes’ Woodpile: White Ash
Creative Switchplates and Outlet Covers
Reader’s Gallery

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