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What's Inside the April 2006 Issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts...
editor from the editor's desk

Welcome to the 115th edition of Creative Woodworks and Crafts! For this issue's editorial, we're hearing from a few of our regular contributors!
Robert Becker, Editor

dirkDirk Boelman
Hi, Dirk Boelman here, doing a little reflecting...Nineteen years ago I drew my very first scroll saw pattern, and sawed out my very first project! I am sure that many of you can remember those patterns with the thick black lines that you were supposed to cut on, and the woodgraining drawn to help distinguish the solid areas from the cutouts. (Patterns really have come a long way!) My first scroll-sawn project looked just like everybody else’s. It was kind of rough around the edges and definitely was not my smoothest sawing... but it was good enough to get me “hooked” on scroll sawing!

2006 marks the 11th year that I have been contributing projects to Creative Woodworks & Crafts magazine. I am very proud to be a part of this magazine.

Also, we will again co-host the Midwest Scroll Saw Trade Show in Ricland Center, Wisconsin this August. I always look forward to visiting with all of you at the shows and I greatly enjoy your emails and letters. Please keep sending pictures of your projects and sharing you wonderful stories. Keep on makin’ sawdust!

wesWes Demarest
If there is anything that defines what my purpose is in this magazine, it is that I want to inspire you, the reader, to look beyond the pattern. Get a sense of how the movement is flowing and wait until you find “the” piece of wood that will best bring it to life rather than settling for what you have on hand just so you can get started. You may not consider yourself an artist, but that is all that art is about—looking beyond the obvious and developing your own sense of expression. Don’t limit yourself to just scrolling. Consider different methods for displaying your work, try other finishing methods, add accents whether turned, carved or whatever—just think beyond the pattern.

johnJohn Polhemus
I especially enjoy seeing pictures showing adaptations of projects I’ve done. Bob Malito sent me a picture of an idea his wife had using my floral arrangement as a napkin holder. I like her idea better than the way I presented it in my article! I continue to learn things from the magazine’s readers and hear from some that they also have learned from me. To me, it doesn’t get any better than that!

jeffJeff Zaffino
Hello, folks and welcome to the April ‘06 issue of Creative Woodworks and Crafts. I know that, for me personally, being involved with the magazine has been a tremendously rewarding, albeit quite challenging endeavor. My rewards have come through the wonderful people I have gotten to know and befriend since I started creating pieces for the magazine. Being involved with the magazine has given me an incredibly large extended family, and I am honored to be a part of it.

The challenges come from finding ways to challenge the very talented group of readers that the magazine is fortunate enough to have. While your talents and abilities impress and humble me, they also keep me awake at night trying to come up with something else to throw at you that will challenge you! In doing that, I have also challenged myself to take my designs and scrolling to a new level. I hope that completing the projects I have designed for the magazine has helped some of you to achieve similar results.

For those of you who follow my articles, you know that this last year has been one full of changes for me and my scrolling. It looks like the upcoming year will be no exception, because my wife Kristina and I are expecting our second child in June! I look forward to sharing it with you all. Until next time, keep the dust flowing and the smile showing!

intarsia fox
Intarsia Fox
napkin holder
Napkin Holder
scrapbook cover
Wooden Scrapbook Cover
gone fishin
Gone Fishin'
april coverIn the April Issue:

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Gone Fishin’
Snipperdoodle Heart
Our Wedding Scrapbook Cover
No Ordinary Squirrel!
Izzy Ready Yet?
Corian Night Light
Breeze Catcher
Northern Pike Spinner Lure
Wizard Coin Bank
Guardian Angel Frame
Young Lioness
Napkin Holder
Native Moms

Intarsia Projects:
Fox Intarsia
Exotic Butterfly Intarsia

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Wes’ Woodpile: Black Locust
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Intarsia Talk: Gluing and Finishing Your Project

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native moms
Native Moms