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What's Inside the May 2012 Issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts...

from the editor

May 2012 issue
May 2012

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Scrolling Projects:
Armoire Jewelry Box
Art Deco Clock
Autumn Mallards
Bear Dream Catcher
Bevel Sawn Welcome Sign
Book Stand
Easter Bunny Dish
Floral Trivet Trio
Garden Dibbler
Mom’s Teapot
Old Is An Attitude
Sampling of Snails
Scripture Verse Sun Clock
Seasonal Calendar Topper (Part 3)

Intarsia and Segmentation Projects:
Bluebird and Apple Blossom
Let’s Do Lunch (Tiger Intarsia)

Bevel Cutting Tips
Make a 12" x 12" Wood Press
Readers’ Gallery
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As someone who loves reading and enjoys the nuances of language, it’s no surprise that the word art projects featured in the magazine often hold special appeal for me. The two projects in this May issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts are no exception. While individually the two pieces are striking, when viewed together, they offer a refreshing reminder of the fact that popular culture isn’t always right, as they challenge the commonly-held concept that fun and beauty are for the young only!

March Calenadr Overlay
Old is an Attitude by Toni Burghout

  Toni Burghout’s clever “Old Is An Attitude” puts it right out there for all of us to see—age is just a number, and “old” or “young” is a state of mind. Her write-up prefacing the instructions shares the story of a good friend of hers who, at 70-years-old, enjoys many pastimes not
typically thought “appropriate” for that age group, such as skiing and playing video games. Toni and her friend remind us that our attitude is up to us. “Old” is relative, and that 70-year-old skier can easily be enjoying herself just as much as the 17-year-old sliding down the slope next to her!  

Paul Boer
Scripture Verse Sun Clock by Paul Boer
  Paul Boer’s lovely Scripture Verse Sun Clock, with its Biblical verse of “He Has Made Everything Beautiful in Its Time,” also reminds us that beauty isn’t necessarily the province of youth. The grace, patience, and wisdom that come with age impart their own sense of beauty. By featuring his word art as a clock, Paul’s creative design reminds us that “time” is subject to interpretation. Perhaps there is much to be gained from slowing down a bit to appreciate all that surrounds us, rather than being caught up in the “I need it yesterday” approach to life.
  It’s interesting to note that as we read through the submissions for our readers’ gallery feature, it’s clear that many members of our woodworking family already recognize these facts. A large number of our readers have come to the craft only in retirement, after years of having successful and rewarding careers in completely different fields—often ones that allowed for little creative input. These folks understand that age doesn’t need to hold you back from trying something new and bringing beauty into the world. So to all of our “90-years-young” woodworkers (and those of us simply beyond our “twenty-somethings!”), enjoy these two projects that are truly tributes to the meaning and beauty of lives well lived!

Happy Scrolling!

Debbie McGowan

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