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What's Inside the June 2012 Issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts...

from the editor

June 2012 issue
June 2012

in this issue
Scrolling Projects:
Butterfly Sun Catcher
Flower Box
Gone Hunting Plaque
Key Rack Shelf
Kitty Chalkboard with Paw Pad Eraser
Let All Creation Praise the Lord
Mechanical Moose Sculpture
Partners in Victory (Set of Planes)
Playful Pug
Red-Tailed Hawk
Star Light
Step It Up!
Wall Sconce

Intarsia and Segmentation Projects:
Biker Bear
Profile Cat Portrait

North American Hardwoods
The Business of Scroll Sawing
Coming Next Issue

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Mechanical Moose Sculpture
Mechanical Moose Sculpture

  Get ready for some truly innovative woodworking with the mixture of projects featured in this issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts! First off, we have a “mechanical moose sculpture” designed by Charles Mak, in which three moose “run away” from a grizzly bear by turning the crank handle on the outside of the box. Charles has been a contributing designer to Woodturning Design, one of our sister publications, and we’d like to extend a big welcome to him!

Star Light
  Carol and Homer Bishop share their beautiful Star Light project with us. It is a lovely table lamp that, when turned on, casts a color-changing glow through the beautiful fretcut shooting stars. When placed in a darkened room, it provides a soothing display for the senses.
  Sheila Landry designed a fun, cat-shaped board, and then applied chalkboard paint to it. The chalkboard is a perfect beginner’s project, and,
Kitty Chalkboard with Paw Pad Eraser
Kitty Chalkboard
with Paw Pad Eraser
when paired with its magnetic eraser, makes a great craft fair item.
  Also featured in this issue is Partners in Victory, by Wayne and Jacob Fowler, which is their tribute to two iconic planes of World War II—the British Spitfire and the American Mustang P-51. In the last (May 2012) issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts, we showed a picture of this project in the Coming Next Issue feature. I incorrectly titled the project “Jet Fighters,” announcing to one and all that I am woefully lacking in my knowledge of aircraft! I would like to take this chance to apologize both to the Fowlers and to any readers who may have been upset that these two historical planes were mislabeled. Thanks also to readers who alerted me to this error. Rest assured that not only is Partners in Victory correctly titled in this issue, but Wayne has also provided a lovely intro to the project. I guess the “take away” from the whole incident is that I
Partners in Victory
Partners in Victory
now have a truer understanding of the difference between a “jet fighter” and a “fighter plane,” as well as a deeper appreciation for the role these two planes played in World War II.
  When you’re taking a break from cutting, be sure to check out Keith Fenton’s helpful overview of North American hardwoods, and the first installment of Janette Square’s tips for marketing your crafts. And of course, our Readers’ Gallery feature is always a terrific way to check out what your fellow scrollers are up to.

Debbie McGowan

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