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May 2011 Cover May 2011
Miniature Birdhouse ornaments
photograghed by Kathleen Geary

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May 2011

Mini BirdhousesWelcome to this edition of Creative Woodworks & Crafts! This issue's cover features Diana Thompson's Miniature Birdhouses, and I hope you agree that they're really cute. Recently, our sister publication, Woodturning Design, featured a few similar mini-birdhouse ornaments, turned on the lathe, of course. At that time, many of us admired the simple beauty and elegance of those turned ornaments, never imagining that "one of our own" would come up with something every bit as nice, but by way of the scroll saw. Diana has always been on the "cutting edge" with her creative 3-D scroll saw designs, and these birdhouses are no exception.
 For those of you who do intarsia, or who would like to try it, check out Janette Square's “The Art of Intarsia” article on page 58. This marks the first in a series of articles—to be published consecutively—geared toward a thorough review of what one needs (tools, tips, techniques, etc.) to create good-looking intarsia projects. Janette points out that, even if you've been doing intarsia for years, there should be some valuable information in this series for you, as well.
 Another fascinating feature, “The Carved Fretwork Technique, Part II,” presents Dick Miraglia's in-depth analysis, with plenty of illustrations, of what makes a scroll saw pattern suitable for carving. He points out that the less detail there is in a pattern, the more difficult it is to carve, because such a pattern requires a great deal of carving; conversely, when a pattern provides enough of the right kind of detail, it is generally good for carving. Dick demonstrates how he carved one of his most well-received projects, a male lion head, based on a Pride of Africafinepattern designed by George Ahlers.
 We have observed over the past year a keen interest in baskets of all kinds which can be made using the scroll saw; actually, such baskets have been quite popular since the late 90's, when John Nelson came out with scrolled baskets which looked authentically "woven." This issue features a lovely oval basket by Sheila Landry, which uses notches in the upper ring and base, into which the "slats" (vertical pieces) are carefully fitted. As always, Sheila does an excellent job teaching, with great attention to detail, exactly how her project is constructed.
 That's it for now—until the next issue, wishing all of you health, prosperity, and happy woodworking!

Robert Becker

Some projects from this issue:
Robin Clock Joy Cross
Robin Clock Joy Cross
Gazelles Oval Basket
Gazelles Oval Basket
In the May 2011 Issue:
Scrolling Projects:
Where Life Begins
Hope Springs Eternal
Decorative Joinery Boxes
Londonberry Farm
Heartwarming Dresser Tray
Bunny Bowl
The Lost World
Robin Clock
Heart and Flowers Frame
Miniature Birdhouses
Sumatran Tiger
Oval Basket
Joy Cross
Intarsia and Segmentation Projects:
Herons Door Topper
Intarsia Fans

The Carved Fretwork Technique, part 2
 (with Bonus Pride of Africa pattern)
The Art of Intarsia:
 Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Skills
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