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March 2011

Flipwrist Ice Hockey GameWelcome to this edition of Creative Woodworks & Crafts! I'm happy to welcome John and Cynthia Lewman to our team of talented designers. Their Flipwrist Ice Hockey Game is featured on page 20, and we think it may be the perfect project to share with your children or grandchildren. John has been designing wonderful toys (and many other items) for decades and, with Cynthia, we have a very talented and prolific duo—in fact, they have been turning out one toy book after another, receiving rave reviews from many of our audience members. With so many of us being grandparents, we are thrilled to have a new contributor who will offer us great toy designs to build throughout the year —a great way to connect with those "little ones!" Guardian Eagle
  It's been a long time "incubating," but it was well worth the wait—Don Calhoun's Guardian Eagle, that is, on page 12 of this issue. Don showed us the pattern for this highly-detailed, majestic project well over a year ago, and we immediately said, "That's great; how soon can we get it!?" However, Don knew that this was a very involved design in every way, a major time commitment, and he was not in a position to rush it. When Don finally told us that he had completed it, we were very eager to see it and, as you can imagine, we were not disappointed with the prototype! Thanks, Don, for your patience, perseverance, and creativity— a truly great project!
  Before signing off, I want to acknowledge the steady stream of good projects which we've been blessed to receive from PhoenixJacob and Wayne Fowler. Jacob is the artist, the designer, and his father, Wayne, is the one who brings his son's designs to life in wood. Wayne never ceases to amaze us with his spot-on wood selection. He also is an artist who literally "paints" with wood color and grain configuration; just look at Space Above on page 49—the specific figure and grain direction of the wood he used are absolutely part of the piece's impact. Similarly, the Fowlers' Phoenix on page 10 uses wood with the perfect (natural) reddish color, again giving the project much of its transcendent beauty.Space Above
  There are so many other elements in this issue worthy of recognition, but time and space are running out, so please let me simply say Thank You for buying our publication—we appreciate it!

Robert Becker

Some projects from this issue:
Floral Heart Clock, Lively Leprechaun Clock
Floral Heart Clock Lively Leprechaun Clock
Winged Mirror Flower Top Box
Winged Mirror Flower Top Box
In the March 2011 Issue:
Scrolling Projects:
Children Are Blessings From God
Guardian Eagle
Totem Pole and Caribou
Lively Leprechauns
Flipwrist Ice Hockey Game
Flower Top Box
Morning Kingfisher
Hinged Keepsake Box
Floral Heart Clock
Winged Mirror
Space Above
Desktop Frogs
Cross Box
Intarsia and Segmentation Projects:
Intarsia Tree Frogs
Yellow-Billed Magpie

The Carved Fretwork Technique
  (with Bonus Amazon Parrot pattern)
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