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January 2011

Oval BasketWelcome to this issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts! We're pleased to feature another of Roy King's basket designs and, as with the one which appeared in the September, 2010 issue, it's made from just two pieces of wood, which keeps your costs down. This issue's oval basket employs small notches on the inner perimeter of each ring, located where the ring meets the base, and this greatly strengthens and "tightens-up" the basket. We're grateful that this style of basket has become very popular, which has prompted Roy to remain quite busy, behind the scenes, developing a wide array of new basket designs to share with you in the future—stay tuned!
     Many of you are familiar with the portrait-style patterns of Mike Williams, a frequent Warm Welcomecontributor to the magazine. Please keep Mike in your thoughts and prayers—he recently suffered a stroke, and although he is recovering nicely, he is still experiencing some difficulty with his eyesight. I spoke to him today, and he sounds good and is eager to get back to designing and cutting. Get well, Mike!

     We have received quite a few inquiries over the years for a comprehensive index of the various projects which have appeared in CWC's back issues. Until now, this has not been available. I am happy to announce that we've been working very hard to produce a wonderful index which many of you will want; it will be in the form of a disc that you can purchase which will allow you to search through all the CWC issues going back to February, 1996. The disc will give you the ability to search in two ways—by the type of project (for example, "eagles," "trains," etc.), or by the designer's name. Not only will you be given a list of everything pertaining to your search; you will also be able to click on "slideshow" and instantly see color photos of every item listed. When we undertook this project, little did we realize how labor-intensive it would be! However, it should be completed within a few months, at which point we will advertise it in this publication. For those of you who possess a large quantity of CWC back issues, this product will greatly enhance their value, allowing you to quickly locate the object of your interest. Again, stay tuned. We're very excited about being able to offer you this valuable tool.
     We hope you enjoy this issue and, until the next one, happy
woodworking, health, and prosperity to you all!

Robert Becker

Some projects from this issue:
Fretwork Dresser Tray Red Tail Hawk
Fretwork Dresser Tray Red Tail Hawk
Joyful Words Christmas tree American Kestrel
Joyful Words Christmas Tree American Kestrel
In the January 2011 Issue:
Scrolling Projects:
Shoreline Loon
Leaf Frog
Fretwork Dresser Tray
Snowman Mittens
Boa Constrictor
Endless Hallelujah
Pedestal Clock
American Kestrel
Butterfly Wall Clock
Floral Card Holders
Warm Welcome
Thermometer Plaques
Peanut Dish
Four-Seasons Umbrella Stand
Shadowbox Castle
Oval Basket
Prairie Dog
Charging African Elephant
Joyful Words Christmas Tree
Intarsia and Segmentation Projects:
Red Tail Hawk
Southwestern Still Life

Wood Joinery
Working with Wood Burls
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