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What's Inside the Holiday Issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts ...

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Holiday 2011 Cover Holiday 2011

in this issue:

A Year to Remember
Santa’s Sack
Fit and Fun Santas
Inlay Snowflakes
Native American Totem Art
A Flurry of Ornaments
Compound Cut Angels
One Dozen Cupcakes
Ring in the Holiday
Mini Slotted Ornaments
Dollhouse Miniature Ornaments
Blizzard Buddies
Intarsia Frames

Scrolling Projects:
Cookies for Santa Plate
Joys Not Toys
Christmas Wreath
Rockin’ Reindeer
Trimming the Tree Plaque
Nativity Puzzle
Wise Men Seek Him
Yuletide Tree

Intarsia and Segmentation Projects:
Holiday Bunny

Sister Shirley: Divine Inspiration
Packaging and Shipping Your   Delicate Scrollsaw Work
Readers’ Gallery
Coming Next Issue

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Holiday 2011

   Welcome to our 2011 Holiday issue! There are lots of great ornaments and seasonal projects in this issue; we know it's quite early for such things, but this allows you plenty of time to make your Holiday gifts!
   It's a pleasure to introduce you to Sister Shirley Wagner, a lady of deep devotion and abundant creativity. Prior to her interest in woodworking, she earned her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in music, and spent thirty years conducting high school, college, and community symphony orchestras throughout the Midwest. Then, about thirteen years ago, she saw a photo of an intarsia wolf and said "I can Mini Slotted Ornamentsdo that," and subsequently dove into the art of intarsia, creating a beautiful array of Christian-themed projects, many of which are depicted in the feature article by Wes Demarest (page 28.) It's so inspiring to see how Sister Shirley has blended her devotion to God with her woodworking skills and service to her community. This world needs more Sister Shirleys!
   Each year, we enjoy offering you a large selection of ornament patterns, and we think you'll enjoy this year's designs. For those who like a cutting challenge, check out Wayne and Jacob Fowler's Snowflake Ornaments ("A Flurry of Ornaments") on page 32. When I first received them and opened the box, I was very impressed with the intricate beauty of these tree trimmers—they represent some of the most beautiful "fret cutting," as Wayne calls it, I've ever seen! God Bless Our Vets Ornament   A few years ago, at the Midwest Scroll Saw Trade show, Pat Lupori showed me how she had scaled down some of the two-piece slotted ornament patterns we had published, and I really liked how they looked when reduced as she had done. I sort of filed this observation on the "back burner" of my mind and then, this year, I asked Dirk Boelman if he would design some "Miniature Slotted Ornaments" for this issue. I hope you'll agree that they came out beautifully, and Pat, thanks for the idea!
   Two of Diana Thompson's Compound-Cut Angel Compound Cut AngelsOrnaments—one honoring breast cancer awareness and one supporting our military—are marvelous designs that are sure to be made by many of you, and her "Cookies For Santa Plate" is the perfect project to display on Christmas Eve.
   This issue's Reader's Gallery (page 62) is unique—it shows how Keith Schafer, a previous contributor to this publication, used his amazing miniature-modeling skills to replicate his girlfriend's parents' house, and the miniature house is his 50th anniversary gift to them; in fact, they are even now unaware that he spent three months making this incredible model for them, and he intends to present this issue to them, along with the gift, at their anniversary celebration this coming September. Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Kelly!!
  We hope you find much to enjoy in this issue and, until the next one, we wish you all health, prosperity, and happy woodworking!


Robert Becker

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