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February 2011

Vertrans OrnamentsWelcome to this edition of Creative Woodworks & Crafts! For me, this is a very special issue, because it features Dirk Boelman's article, "Scrollsawing at the Tri-State Veterans Conference," in which Dirk relates his experiences sharing his scrollsawing expertise with military veterans. This encounter sparked in him an intense desire to reach out to veterans nationwide for the purpose of offering guidance and training in the art of scrollsawing.
     Dirk spoke with many veterans at the event and heard of the many difficulties they were dealing with, which had arisen as a byproduct of being deployed in a war zone—physical disabilities, family issues, even substance abuse. Knowing how helpful scrollsawing can be to relieve stress of all kinds, he is now on a mission to help those who have given so much for their country. He asked me to let each of you know that if you read his article and feel the desire to help, he welcomes your assistance. You may reach him by phone (800-566-6394) or email (dirkdraws@centurytel.net), and he will be happy to connect you with veterans in your area who will be grateful to learn how to use a scrollsaw. Dirk has even designed two ornaments honoring our military men and women and, of course, those patterns are provided in this issue's pattern pullout section.
Puzzels for Tiny Hands      In addition, the projects in this issue are incredibly creative and delightful. Bob Valle's "Movie Lobby Pals" are sure to elicit smiles wherever they're displayed; they're very "retro" and everyone at our office loves them. Don't let the painting scare you—keep it simple and have fun adding a little color. Sue Mey's Cupcake Collars are perfect for children's parties, and Diana Thompson's Puzzles For Tiny Hands will make those special grandchildren very happy!
     Overall, I'm really proud of our designers—every one of them; they always manage to come up with new ways to make the scrollsaw a medium for beautiful, fun, outstanding creations.
     Thanks for buying Creative Woodworks & Crafts; we appreciate your support and, until the next issue, happy woodworking!

Robert Becker

Some projects from this issue:
Winter Welcome Plaque Wood Duck Intarsia
Winter Welcome Plaque Wood Duck Intarsia
Cake Stand and Cupcake Collars Sunflowers and Hummingbird
Cake Stand and Cupcake Collars Sunflowers and Hummingbird
In the FEBRUARY 2011 Issue:
Scrolling Projects:
Sunflowers and Hummingbird
Puzzles for Tiny Hands
Winged Angels
Lovable Basset Hound
Movie Lobby Pals
Time Flies
Winter Welcome Plaque
Calico Cat
Cake Stand and Cupcake Collars
Jewelry Tree
Blue Heron
Intarsia and Segmentation Projects:
Wood Duck Intarsia
Bud Vase

Scrollsawing at the Tri-State Veterans  Conference (with BONUS ornament  patterns)
Building a Zero Clearance Table
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