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Scrolling Projects:
Life Happens
Cow Jump
Oval Butterfly Box
Owl Always Luv You
Summer Lily Welcome Plaque
Multi-Photo Picture Frame
Tulip Box
Love to Teach Plaque
“Notso” Sharp Golf Couple
Honeycomb Candle Tray
   with Bee Charms
Mushroom Fairy Door
Peregrine Falcon
Cottage Frogs
Zanzibar Zoo

Intarsia and Segmentation Projects:
Peacock Bass
Fall Pumpkin

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The Art of Intarsia: Tips and  Techniques to Improve Your Skills
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August 2011

God Bless Our Vets Ornament Welcome to this edition of Creative Woodworks & Crafts! Many of you may recall Dirk Boelman's article, from our February, 2011 issue, "Scrollsawing At The Tri-State Veteran's Conference," in which Dirk relates his experiences demonstrating scrollsawing with his wife, Karen, at a large gathering focused on helping veterans. Well, it seems this article has served as a catalyst for good in many ways—dozens upon dozens of veterans have personally been contacting Dirk and Karen with their stories, situations, and heartfelt thanks. On more than one occasion, they have both been brought to tears, hearing of the enormous difficulties many of our veterans have been struggling with in the wake of various combat-related traumas. Over the years, Dirk and Karen have developed the firm conviction that scrollsawing has the ability to help people focus their minds on something positive, which is enjoyable, and which gives them a feeling of accomplishment. It seems that their sincere efforts to reach out to veterans through this medium have been connecting strongly not only with many veterans, but also with those who work in programs to assist veterans, on both state and national levels. In short, Dirk and Karen are witnessing the beginning of a real movement to bring this wonderful hobby/artform to veterans across the God Bless Our Vets Ornament U.S., not for personal gain, but for the purpose of giving back to those who have given so much to their country.

We are proud that so many of you have already contacted Dirk and Karen to offer your time, energy, and expertise at scrolling. Dirk invites any of you who want to help to contact him by phone, mail, or email. His efforts are beginning to manifest a real opportunity to reach out to veterans, through scrollsawing, hopefully making a difference in the lives of these deserving individuals. Here's Dirk's contact information: Mail— Dirk Boelman, P.O. Box 701, Platteville, WI 53818; Phoneó(608 )348-8332; Email— dirkdraws@centurytel.net. We hope you enjoy this issue and, until the next one, all the best!

Robert Becker

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