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November 2010

Lana’s Baby Grand Piano

Welcome to this edition of Creative Woodworks & Crafts! We've got lots of good, innovative designs in this issue, and many of them are functional; however, I want to focus for a moment on two "just-for-fun" projects—John Bare's Lana’s Baby Grand Pianos and Rick Hutcheson's Intertwined Giraffes. Both of these are compound-cut treatments which push the envelope for this type of cutting. The baby grand pianos are somewhat challenging—they're technically "triple compound-cut," in that they are cut on three planes, as opposed to the two-plane cutting typically found in this style of scrolling; they also require a little clean-up or touch-up carving after they've been sawn. There's a little bench you can also make to accompany your pianos if you choose to display them on a flat surface, or you can hang your pianos (without benches) as Christmas tree ornaments. John's gone the "extra mile" and also provided two options for the legs—straight or cabriole style. The finished pianos really look good, and given that this is only John's second appearance in CWC, we're eager to see more of his designs in the near future!

Lana’s Baby Grand Piano And then there's Rick's whacky Intertwined Giraffes. These remind me of the tiny reindeerwhich were being cut at woodworking shows in the mid- to late-90s; sellers of various scroll saws would make them very quickly (they were also compound-cut) to demonstrate in a fun way what their machines could do. However, these giraffes pick up where those reindeer left off; i.e., they are much more involved, intriguing, and mind-boggling.

Readers’ Gallery keeps rolling along, and we continue to be impressed by the creativity of you, our readers, in terms of how you approach your projects, whether you found them in this publication or elsewhere. For example, Don Kemp of Rhinelander, WI completely modified Dirk Boelman's Playful Moose Desk Set from a previous issue; he followed the plans just for the Moose—there were many other elements in the project—and turned them into a very humorous set of bookends.

Another reader, George Nelson, wasn't satisfied spending 106 hours creating a huge, magnificent jaguar intarsia designed by Kathy Wise—he subsequently devoted 90 more hours designing a shadow box in which to display the jaguar, using many animal patterns from Judy Gale Roberts' African Adventure. The results speak for themselves and we marveled at the extraordinary creativity of Mr. Nelson's work!

We hope you are enjoying CWC and we welcome your comments and suggestions. My email is rbecker@allamericancrafts.com. Until the next issue, we wish you health, happiness, and hours of enjoyable woodworking!


Robert Becker

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Pineapple Welcome Sign Iberian Lynx
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Bewitching Halloween Plaque Good Boy
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