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What's Inside the March Issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts ...

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March 2010

Welcome to this issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts! We've received many fine projects and Readers' Gallery presentations lately, and we continue to be amazed and grateful for the creativity flowing through all of our contributors.

pensIt has always been our editorial policy to include in this publication only those projects which are new; i.e., not previously published in books or catalogs. However, we are making an exception to that rule of thumb in a small way. Recently, Joe Diveley and I were browsing through some early issues of Dirk Boelman's newsletter, Scroll Saw Chatter, and concluded that there were some real gems in there that we would like to "polish-up" and bring back via Creative Woodworks & Crafts; so, we pow-wowed with Dirk and agreed to do just that. In each of the next few issues of Creative Woodworks & Crafts, one Scroll Saw Chatter project will appear; however, we will supplement those presentations with more information, photos, etc., and we think you will find them worthwhile. The first such offering is on page 43 of this edition—three fretwork letter openers. Dirk obtained the patterns about 18 years ago from the late legendary fretworker, Carl Weckhorst, who had made tracings from the originals which are believed to be from Europe between the mid to late 1800s. Joe Diveley, who made the prototypes for us, has come up with an effective method for shaping the blades of the letter openers so that they work beautifully, and this process is shown in detail. We think these letter openers will make excellent gifts or craft show items and, of course, they are ideal for use in your home.

feetAt Creative Woodworks & Crafts, we've often observed that "the pattern is just the starting point;" it's what you, the woodworker, do with it—how you bring it to life—which determines the beauty and impact of the finished project. Naturally, wood selection plays a vital role in this regard, and one of our contributors who has always emphasized this factor is Wayne Fowler. Look at Wayne and Jacob's "Pelican On A Pier" on page 16. Wayne chose to use a piece of Eastern Cottonwood crotchwood for this project and, when we received it, a big part of the "wow factor" was how the specific piece of wood Wayne used worked perfectly with Jacob's design. It's always you, the woodworker, who brings the pattern to life, ultimately making the difference between "that's a nice project" or "wow!"

Kermitt SqulersIt seems that Word Art has been quite popular these days, and this issue features two such projects: Paul Boer's "Bloom Where God Plants You" (page 6) demonstrates in a simple yet elegant way how a few well-chosen words can lift one's spirit, while Bob Valle's "Got Wood?" (page 10) is a just-for-fun project which is sure to elicit some smiles.

Another really good project which none of us has ever seen the likes of before is the Wilckens' miniature pool table (page 38). This one makes a great conversation piece, and should be a big hit at your local pool hall!

There's lots more in here, but I'm out of space, so let me simply wish you all health, happiness, and prosperity!

Robert Becker

Correction to Largemouth Bass Clock
correction pattern

Editor’s Update:
Please be aware that there was an error with the pattern for the Victorian Skater Silhouettes featured in the March 2010 issue.

On the skate featuring the silhouette of the boy pulling the young child on the sled, there should be a break between the top of the sled and the child’s foot, otherwise the whole center piece will drop out.

The revised pattern of the silhouette piece is shown here. The photograph of the project correctly shows how the cut should be made. We apologize for any inconvenience that this caused and thank our readers for bringing it to our attention.


Some projects from this issue:
Mealtime Organizer tall clock
Mealtime Organizer Tall Clock Reproduction


Persian Cat
Resting Dragon Persian Cat

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tan line
In the March 2010 Issue:
Scrolling Projects:
Bloom Where God Plants You
Got Wood?
Framed Mirror
Pelican on a Pier
Mealtime Organizer
Wolf Trio
Largemouth Bass Clock
Tall Clock Reproduction
Victorian Skater Silhouettes - see editor's update
Fretwork Pool Table
Letter Openers
Floral Wall Clock
A Fine Pair of Dragons
Special Occasion Gift Card Holders
Intarsia Projects:
Persian Cat
A Furious Lady!

Pine is Fine for Finishing!
Casting Blanks for Fixed-Tube Pen Scrolling
Readers’ Gallery
The Artistry of Deb Nicholson
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