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What's Inside the June Issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts ...

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June 2010 Bracket shelf

Welcome to this issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts!

One of my favorite projects in this edition is the Wilckens' Crowley Shelf Bracket. In addition to looking good, this project is versatile; in fact, it's really four projects in one: each bracket, as its name implies, can be used as a small display shelf for your favorite piece of pottery, glass, etc.; they also make fantastic bookends; in addition, two of them may be used to support a horizontal board to create an attractive larger shelf; finally, reduce the patterns by fifty percent, and you can build a nifty miniature shelf, as shown on page 54.
Speaking of miniatures, Diana Thompson's Miniature Trinket Boxes are innovative, cute, and easy to make. Diana has always shown a good eye for design and, armed with her Forstner bits and scroll saw, she's come up with another clever idea with these Trinket Boxes, which will make excellent little gifts for family and friends.

For those of you who enjoy "portrait-style" scrolling, Mike Williams' In For A Landing, featured on the cover, should provide hours of enjoyable cutting, and we hope you agree that it is a beautiful design. Special thanks to Mike's cousin, Gilbert Scott, for drawing the original image upon which Mike based his pattern.

Please keep those Readers' Gallery photos coming; it's always fun to share them in the magazine and, until the next issue, wishing all of you health, prosperity, and happy woodworking!

Robert Becker

Please note that there is a misprint in Step 8 of the Dressing Table Mirror instructions. A 3/8" drill bit should be used to drill the holes through the legs, rather than a 5/8" bit. We apologize for the error, and our thanks to readers for bringing it to our attention.

Some projects from this issue:
Southwestern Landscape Daisy Pen Box
Southwest Landscape Daisy Pen Box
Nursery Tales Man in the Moon

Cross Plaque
  Cross Plaque

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In the June 2010 Issue:
Scrolling Projects:
Bison and Calf
Miniature Trinket Boxes
Wedding Frame
Fret Key Plaque
Egret at Sunset
Cross Plaque
Old Red Barn Storage Chest
In For a Landing
Nursery Tales
Dressing Table Mirror see update
Pen and Pencil Gift Boxes
The Cougar
Crowley Shelf Bracket
Daisy Pen Box
Intarsia and Segmentation Projects:
Koi Bowl
Macho Dragonfly
Southwest Landscape

An Angling Challenge!
Working with Acrylic
Northwest Big Leaf Maple Burl
Readers’ Gallery
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