Although we try our best to make sure that the projects presented in every issue of Creative Woodworks are correct and complete, mistakes do happen. Please note the following corrections:
Canvaback Duck Canvasback Duck — November 2013
There is a double opening indicated for the clock insert on the upright pattern.
Download revised pattern
Primitve Crow & Ppumpkin Pulltoy Primitive Crow and Pumpkins Pull Toy — November 2013
The Crow Cart Bottom should measure 2-1/2" wide x 6" long, NOT 6-1/2", as shown in the pattern section. To correct, please shorten the length of the cart bottom by 1/2" and adjust the placement of the axle supports accordingly.
Chesse Please! Cheese Please! — August 2012
Please be aware that the correct order number for the 6" Glass Dome used for the Cheese Please! tray by Sheila Landry is 1043810002. The dome is available through, (1-800-551-8876 corrected phone number.)
Gold Cayone Bobcat Gold Canyon Bobcat — February 2012
Please note that some facial detail was inadvertently left off the pattern for the Gold Canyon Bobcat by Dick Miraglia. Please follow this link to access the corrected section of the pattern (shown in grey).
Download revised pattern.
Reader's Gallery — November 2011
In our Readers’ Gallery write-up featuring Ron Jungels in the November ‘11 issue, we incorrectly attributed the pattern The Beginning of the Trail to Kathy Wise, rather than Judy Gale Roberts. We sincerely apologize to both of these amazingly talented pattern designers, and also to Mr. Jungels. Thank you to readers for bringing this to our attention.
Wolf Light Box Wolf Light Box—November 2011
Please note that some detail lines on the interior panel pattern for the wolf box were inadvertently left off the pattern. (The outer dimensions of the pattern are correct.) Please follow this link to access the revised pattern. Download revised pattern.
Spirit Intarisa Spirit Intarisa— September 2010
Please be aware that there is an error on the pattern for the Spirit intarsia project featured in the September 2010 issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts. The pattern lines for the feather pieces should extend all the way to the dotted line for the body piece, rather than stopping at the solid line for the skull overlay. For a corrected version of the pattern, please follow this link to download a revised pattern. Download revised pattern.
Dressing Table Mirror Dressing Table Mirror— June 2010
Please note that there is a misprint in Step 8 of the Dressing Table Mirror instructions, which was featured in the June 2010 issue. A 3/8" drill bit should be used to drill the holes through the legs, rather than a 5/8" bit.
Largemouth Bass Clock Largemouth Bass Clock— March 2010
In our March, 2010 issue, we showed a 2"-diameter hole on the Largemouth Bass Clock pattern. It should have been a 1-13/16"-diameter hole, which accommodates a 2"-diameter clock insert. Whenever making projects requiring clock inserts or photo frame inserts, we recommend checking the size of your insert prior to cutting, and adjusting the pattern opening if needed.
Victorian Skaters Victorian Skaters— March 2010
Please be aware that there was an error with the pattern for the Victorian Skater Silhouettes featured in the March 2010 issue. On the skate featuring the silhouette of the boy pulling the young child on the sled, there should be a break between the top of the sled and the child’s foot, otherwise the whole center piece will drop out. The photograph of the project correctly shows how the cut should be made. Download revised pattern.