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November 1999

November 1999 SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Projects- Lion’s Pride, Nativity Music Box, Ceramic Serving Tray, Ryan’s Dragon, Bookworm Wall Plaque, Two Mini Lighthouse Clocks, Southwestern Pepper Puzzle, Little Gray Squirrel, Carving a Scottie, The Duck Hunter, Chip Carved Candle Shelf, Mini Grandmother Clock, Butterfly Band Saw Box, Freefrom Eagle Features- Wes’ Workshop, The American Woodcarving School, Will Hayden (Cartoonist in Wood), Reader’s Gallery, Hot off the Press Book Reviews

Winter 2000

Winter 2000

Three Poured Glass Ornaments, Carve a Santa Ornament, Painted Ornament Collect by Marilyn Carmin, Patty Beach, Robin Arnold, Sheila Polheums, Dirk Boelman, and Liz Tidwell, Carve Two Star Ornaments, Forty Crosses

October 1999

October 1999 SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Projects- Indigo Bunting, Summer Sunshine, Whitetail Buck, Orca Whale, Bless Our Home Silhouette, 3D Wildlife Plaque, Eagle Dreamcatcher, Fun Family Puzzles, Carving a Wood Spirit, Carving Miss Bessie, Master Carver John Burke in Person, Macaw, Howling Wolf, Antique Compass Rose, Cougar, Eight Scroll Sawn Spooks Features- Product Review - New Scroll Saw Blades, Reader’s Gallery, Wes’ Workshop, Contest Announcement

August 1999

August 1999  SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Projects- Dancer, Late Season Pheasant, Fish Stringer, Love Birds Clock, Woodworker’s Secretariette, Rustic Rose Mirror, Bernese Mountain Dog, Heron and Turtle Clock, Carving a Tree Scene, Molly’s Roll Out, Relief Carving, Well Mounted Coat Rack, Victorian Cottage, Wild Tom Turkeys, Touch of Joy, Scroll Saw Tribute to the White Buffalo Features- A Picnic to Remember, Wes’ Workshop, Staining and Finishing for

June 1999

June 1999   SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Family Heirloom Picture Frame, Desk Set, Bread Box, Fireplace Clock, Carving a Circus Clown, Phantom of The Forest and more.

April 1999

April 1999  SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Projects- Orca Ornament, Hanging Quilt Holder, Treasure Chest, Denizen of the Deep, Rose Clock, Carving “Saying Grace,” Diana Dale (Wild Fowl Carver), Lettering with a Single Knife, Fancy Hinged Picture Frame, Bear with Tracks, Hard Candy Dish, Wolf & Eagle Wall Hanging, Cork & Wood Coasters Features- The Billy Clocks Museum, Wes’ Workshop, Reader’s Gallery, Woodworker Makes Sweet Sounds

March 1999

March 1999   SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Projects- 1980 Queen Anne Frame, Humpty Dumpty Lamp, Tatonka Spirit, African dushk, Banksia Seed Clock, Abstract Silhouette, Elephant, Fabric Necklace, 3D Dolphin, Carving a Soapstone Cat, The Salem Community Carousel, Carve a Floral Pattern, Mailbox Cardholder Clock, King Penguins, Winter Screen Lightbox, Grapevine Wreath Features- The Ultimate Woodcrafting Festival, Reader’s Gallery, Woodburning for Scrollers, Eclectric Toolbox

January 1999

January 1999  

Another rare issue has been rediscovered for you, our loyal customers. Includes a fascinating (then very popular) article about Joe Iosif, the elderly (now deceased) fretwork expert who cut intricate projects using only a hand frame -- and he did it faster than most can do with a scroll saw! A very widely-made Intarsia Naval Flintlock by Bob Hlavacek, a Nativity Nightlight by Dirk Boelman, and tons of other great projects are included.