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Winter 1998

Wood Ornaments (Winter 1997-1998)   

Copies of this very rare issue have been unearthed for you, our loyal back-issue collectors. Includes over 80 great ornament patterns, plus a great 3-D sleigh with a team of 3-D reindeer! The Wilckens, Dirk Boelman, Roy King, Sheila Landry, and many other talented designers are represented.

December 97

December 1997  SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Projects- Thunderbird Silhouette, The Table Basket, Reindeer Paddle, English Hourglass, “Up on the Housetop” Clock, Family Tree, Santa Candy Cane, Carving a Santa-cicle, Carving a Santa Ornament, E. J. Tangerman Profile, Carving a Seahorse, Carving a Gnome Nutcracker, “River Run” Plaque, Christmas Friends Intarsia, Intarsia–Cardinal Ornament, Santa Locket Features- Some Sound Advice from Way Up North, Editorial, Full Size Pattern Section No. 1 with Metric Convesions, Full Size Pattern Section No. 2, SEYCO Letter Guide Review, Reader’s Gallery, PSI’s AC 465 Air Cleaning System Review

October 97

October 1997
Projects- Praying Hands Mini Clock, RV Mini Clock, Dinosaur Four-Pack Toy, Intarsia--In Memory of Misty, Craftsman Style Desk Organizer, Pinned Cove Joint, Collapsible Dove Basket, Santa Fe Pueblo, Mission Style Coffee Table, Whipsering Winds Vineyard Clock, Raccoon Plaque, “Spirit of Freedom” Plaque, Floral Mirror Frame, Try Carving in Cottonwood Bark!, Whittling: Carving the Little Fisherman Features- Marilyn Carmin: Developing an Animal Instinct, Editorial, Intarsia Wood, Leigh Dovetail Jig Review, Reader’s Gallery, Full Size Pattern Section, PS Wood’s Silicon Steel Band Saw Blade Review, Scrolling and Toling with Joanne, PSI Portable Panel Saw System Review

August 97

August 1997  SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Projects- Blosser Clock, Intarsia: Cougar, Cardinal Mini Clock, “Growing Time” Mini Clock, Shaker Style Wooden Clock, Night Shadows Inlay, Cream Can Lamp, Alphabet Tray, English Pipe Box, The Vesatile Flower, Marvin Kaisersatt: Carver of the People, Whittling: Sniffer the Hound, Carving a Woodfellow Features- Little Dream rooms, Editorial, Intarsia Tools, Reader’s Gallery, Arrow T2025 Review, Scrolling with Joanne, Full Size Pattern Section, Woodscapes: An Interview with Lath Artist Tom Bramhill, Carba Tec Lathe Duplicator Review, Accu-Angle Review

July 97

June 1997 

Projects- Hardwood Mini Clocks, Hanging country Wall Box, Carving a Frame, Collapsible Tulips Basket, Intarsia--The Midnight Snacker, Potting Bar, Corian Marlin, Fretwork Eagle, Christopher Mantel Clock, Cedar Silhouettes, dinosaur Coin bank, “Fishing with Sparky” Plaque Features- Wickens Woodworking, Readers Gallery, Full Size Pattern Section, The Manufacturing Dynamics of Scroll Saw Blades, Background Wizardry, Scrolling with Joanne, PSI’s Woodworker’s Portable Dust Collector Review, Wood Carving in the Adirondacks Source of Supply, McFeely’s Square Drive Screw Review, Wood Market