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Nov 10

November 2010

It looks like winter is on its way with the November issue of Creative Woodworks and Crafts. We have a cheery snowman from Bob Valle, an elegant snow angel from Wayne and Jacob Fowler, a snowflake shelf from Dan and Roy Wilckens, and a set of holiday trivets from Wayne Bosler, which includes a quick-and-easy snowflake trivet. Before we get ourselves too deeply immersed into wintertime, however, Sue Mey has provided a bewitching Halloween plaque, and Andrea Dürr shares a lovely Autumn leaf bowl. Wildlife is well-represented in this issue, with Mike Williams' tribute to a hunting dog, Bob Valle's howling wolf clock, the Fowlers' great horned owl, Whitetail Designs' largemouth bass, Homer and Carol Bishop's winter cardinal intarsia, and Annja Starrett's striking Iberian Lynx intarsia. Compound-cutting enthusiasts will be challenged by Rick Hutcheson's intertwined giraffes and John Bare's baby grand pianos. Other projects rounding out our offerings include Gary MacKay's fretwork frame, Jeff Powell's faerie intarsia, Jim Sonnleitner's firetruck puzzle, Diana Thompson's beautiful holly dish, and Sue Mey's large fretwork star that can grace your home year-round. Finally, be sure to "Bee Happy" with Sheila Landry's fun, bee-themed design. See what else is in this issue

Holiday issue

Holiday 2010

If you're looking for scrollsaw ornament patterns, then the special Holiday 2010 issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts will surely fit the bill! And as if more than 110 ornament patterns is not enough, there are plenty of holiday-themed projects provided, as well. Add to your holiday decor with Sue Mey's Peace on Earth plaque, Sheila Landry's Angelic Tree Topper and Layered Reindeer Dish, Wayne Bosler's Cozy Holiday Corner set of a miniature tree and hearth, and beautiful boxes designed by Sue Mey and Janice Manuel. Dirk Boelman's and Joe Diveley's holiday-themed letter openers make beautiful gifts, and their bookmarks can easily be stack-cut to yield a large number of holiday party favors. The jewelry pieces designed by Deb Nicholson would also make lovely gifts. Intarsia enthusiasts will enjoy Janette Square's and Bruce Worthington's Chrismoose, plus the Kitten designed by Janette. The Fowlers' Our Lady of Guadalupe is a stunning image, and Paul Boer's Angels' Greeting word art captures the true spirit of Christmas. We couldn't have a holiday issue without featuring a jolly Santa, and the Fowlers have provided a great design! See what else is in this issue

Septemebr issue

September 2010

Traditional scrolling projects include the Wilckens' mini clocks, Dirk Boelman's and Joe Diveley's curio frame, the Fowlers' Dragon Encounter, Don Calhoun's leopard, Michael Hornung's arrowhead plaque, and Paul Boer's beautiful word art piece. Pick up your paintbrush (or spray paint can!) and follow our basic painting instructions to add some color to Bob Valle's sea-themed clock, Sheila Landry's "nutty" welcome sign, Sue Mey's table stand, BJ Holm's sandcastle mobile, and Diana Thompson's innovative ladybug tablecloth weights. The economically-conscious among you will appreciate Roy King's round basket, made from just two pieces of wood, Deb Nicholson's jewelry charms, created from hardwood scraps, and John Polhemus' tips for resawing your wood scraps into usable pieces. Intarsia fans should be sure to see the Native-American inspired Spirit by Darin Liles, as well as the beautiful Hummingbirds and Hibiscus, designed by renowned intarsia artist Lucille Crabtree and brought to life by Janette Square. See what else is in this issue

July issue

July 2010

"Innovation" seems to be the key word describing the bulk of projects in this July 2010 issue! From phenomenal coasters jointly designed by Bob Valle and John Polhemus to attractive pen holders by Roy King, you'll be kept very busy. Sheila Landry's See Creatures will put a smile on your face (they're actually eyeglass holders!), as will Deb Nicholson's "ferocious" Bear Door Topper. If you enjoy detailed, portrait-style cutting, be sure to check out Mike Williams' The Pride and Don Calhoun's African Cape Buffalo. Paul Boer's word art once again graces our pages, this time with a music-themed project. Sue Mey's Celtic Box and Lacework Frame, the Wilckens' Sunburst Mini Clock, and Wayne Bosler's Framed Silhouettes offer a nice selection of home-dec pieces. Wayne and Jacob Fowler "shoot for the moon" with their Eclipse pattern, and their pair of butterflies makes a beautiful set. Fans of intarsia will enjoy Bruce Worthington's and Janette Square's lovely Dragonfly on Cattails, as well as Carol and Homer Bishop's Elf Owl. See what else is in this issue

June 2010 issue

June 2010

Scrollers will be challenged with Mike Williams' image of flying ducks, Don Calhoun's stunning cougar design (complete with hair-raising tale about the pattern inspiration!), and the Fowlers' bison and egret. Box-makers can select from Sue Mey's daisy box, Gary MacKay's diamond-inlay pen boxes, and Diana Thompson's miniature trinket boxes. Lovely home-dec projects include Sheila Landry's cross plaque, which utilizes a self-framing technique, Wayne Bosler's dressing table mirror, Sue Mey's key plaque, and the Wilckens' versatile shelf bracket. Make Dirk Boelman's wedding frame as a heartfelt gift for newlyweds (or even "not-so-newly" weds!), and surprise the children in your life with Paul Boer's adorable barn storage chest and Bob Valle's precious versions of the Man in the Moon and Humpty Dumpty. Intarsia and segmentation fans will enjoy Deb Nicholson's colorful koi bowl, Jeff Powell's unique dragonfly, and Bruce Worthington's and Janette Square's gorgeous scene of the southwest. See what else is in this issue

April 2010

April 2010

From Homer and Carol Bishop's "Early Spring" intarsia to Easter-themed projects such as Bob Valle's Easter Bunny Clock, Sue Mey's Bible Boxes, and Paul Boer's "Praise Him," it will be easy to emerge from the winter doldrums into the lighthearted days of spring! Make the journey even easier by hopping aboard a train (Engine 229, by Dirk Boelman and Joe Diveley) or a plane (an innovative jet fighter by Dan and Ray Wilckens)! Featured wildlife projects include Wayne and Jacob Fowler's Bighorn Sheep and Chipmunk, Sheila Landry's Deer Plaque, and Bruce Worthington's and Janette Square's Blue Heron Intarsia. Keep the kids in your life happy with Paul Meisel's Tongue Drum, and keep the ladies happy with Deb Nicholson's assortment of bracelets. Sports fans will enjoy Gary MacKay's Football Coin Banks. See what else is in this issue

March 2010

March 2010

We've ushered in the new year with an incredible grouping of projects for you in this March 2010 issue. Wildlife and animal projects include: Annja Starrett's eagle intarsia, Janette Square's Persian Cat intarsia, Bob Valle's cheerful beaver plaque asking "Got Wood?", Wayne and Jacob Fowler's Pelican on a Pier; Marilyn Carmin's Wolf Trio; and Whitetail Designs' Largemouth Bass Clock. Some useful household items include: Gary MacKay's Mealtime Organizer, which conveniently stores your napkins and salt/pepper shakers; Wayne Bosler's Tall Clock Reproduction; Dirk Boelman's and Joe Diveley's Letter Openers; Diana Thompson's Special Occasion Gift Card Holders, and Sue Mey's Floral Wall Clock. See what else is in this issue

January 2010

January 2010

Dive right into this latest issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts—with wood ducks, a bayou gator, fishtank pals, a montage of gamefish, and playful dolphins, you'll have plenty of company! Or, stay on dry land and enjoy the view of the water from the old country mill or the humpback bridge. The morning glory welcome sign, compound-cut flowers in a heart pocket, and poinsettia sled centerpiece will add a floral touch to your crafting. Rounding out our selection is a heartwarming sign for our grandparent woodworkers, an elegant lattice-work picture frame, a colorful lizard mirror, a striking hawk profile, and a very useful tea box and companion serving tray. Be inspired by Dirk Boelman's article about introducing the next generation of crafters to scroll sawing, learn new techniques for creating pen blanks, brush up on some tips for improving your project photos, and expand your range of finishing options with the Wilckens' innovative box feet. See what else is in this issue