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November 05

November 2005

Scrolling Projects: King of the Lions, Teapot Plaque, Mini Heart Clocks, The Hampshire Candle Holder, Hound Heaven, Pensive Fairy, Trinket Box, Whale Migration, Nuzzlin’ Muzzles, Merry Christmas Wall Hanging, Boelman Brothers Ornaments, Wildlife Coasters, Snow Family Choir, Elk in Feather.
Intarsia Projects
: Largemouth Bass Intarsia, Wood Duck Intarsia.
Turning Project
: Mini Lathe Series: Sculptured Set.
Woodburning Project
:“Honey, I Burned the Fish” Wrasse Woodburning.

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Holiday 05

Holiday 2005

Scrolling Projects: Christmas Angel, Jingle and Belle,“And To All A Good Night!” Welcome Sign, Goofy Gag Gifts—Buck Saw and Table Saw, Nutcracker Sun Catcher, Snowman Bank with Bonus Ornament, The Reason for the Season, Snowflake Tambour Clock, Snowflake Boxes with Three Bonus Ornaments, 22 Ornaments from Patty Beach, 30 Ornaments from Billie Holm, 52 Ornaments from Dirk Boelman, Slotted Ornaments.
Intarsia Projects: Lion and Lamb Intarsia, Santa Intarsia.
Turning Project: Mini-Lathe Series: Kaleidoscopes.

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September 05

September 2005

Scrolling Projects: Watchful Eyes, Screaming Eagle, Ready for Flight, Whiskers, Three Wildcat Portraits, Engine 86, Reverent Denomination, Curly Sue, The Tree Swing, Pen and Pencil Boxes Using Through Dovetails and Box Joints, Fretwork Box, Mare and Colt: Variations on a Pattern, Pug Puppies, Chirping Chickadees Wall Pocket.
Intarsia Projects
: Helm’s Wheel Intarsia, Turkey Beard Holder Intarsia.
Woodburning Project: Red-Tail Hawk and the Secrets of Feathering.
Turning Project
: Mini-Lathe Series: Pocket Watches.

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August 05

August 2005

Scrolling Projects: Sumatran Tiger, Brown Trout, Puffins, Majestic Carousel Horse, Floral Arrangement, Tip-Up, “Spirit” Houseboat, Irish Blessing, Nibblin’ Bunny, Flight of the Butterfly, Moose Towel Holder, Dragon Box, The Time Stealer, Wolf Mask, Never Forgotten, Micro-Mini Grandmother Clock.
Intarsia Project
: Grizzly Bear Intarsia.
Turning Project
: Mini-Lathe Series: Big Boy Pens.

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June 05

June 2005

Scrolling Projects: Gliding Swan, Nautical Weather Instrument, Deck Dogs, Mystic Dragon, The Village Smithy, Lonesome Scout, Daisy Girl, Scrolled Bobcat, Three Small Silhouettes, Swivel-Top Box, Chimpanzee, White-Tailed Deer, Wedding Bells & Double Hearts, Woodsman’s Treasure Box, Woodsman’s Desk Clock.
Intarsia Project: Manta Ray Intarsia.
Turning Project: Mini Lathe Series: Bottle Stoppers.

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April 05

April 2005

Scrolling Projects: Early Winter Hunt, Deer in Wild Rose, Breakfast with Tiffany, Brown Trout, Form-Fitted Pen and Pencil Boxes, Making Burl Castles, Bothersome Butterflies, Angel Clocks, Family Time, Fun Trinkets, Pintail Duck Nightlight, Quilt Top Box.
Intarsia Project: Duck-Billed Platypus
Turning Project: Mini Lathe Series: Perfume Applicators
Woodburning Project: Bobcat

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March 05

March 2005

Scrolling Projects: Pegasus In Flight, Reflections of the Raven, Nature’s Majesty, Naughty Pony, Doves Among the Leaves Hat Rack, Brown Hawk, Tiger, Add-A-Branch Family Tree, Kitty Silhouette Veneer Earrings, Bass Pros, Mischievous Dragons, A Trio of Hummingbirds.
Intarsia Projects: Boxer Intarsia
Turning project: Mini Lathe Series: Key Rings

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January 05

January 2005

Ornaments from BJ Holm, Angel’s Forget-Me-Not Frame, Brown Bear Dinner, If I Had A Hammer, Dragon Mini Clock, Pintail Duck Intarsia, Lynx, Reindeer Planter, A Pair of Kittens, Canadian Moose, Great Horned Owl, Hippo Intarsia, Oven Rack Pull, Indian Maiden.