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November 2003

November 2003 SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Projects-21 Exciting New Projects that include a Smilodon Tiger & A Snow Owl Intarsia projects, A Fretwork eagle Feather, Karl's Clydesdales & Wagon, Angelic Clocks, A Fretwork Pen Box & more.

Winter 2004

Winter 2004 SORRY! SOLD OUT!

305 full size ornament patterns from Robin Arnold, Dirk Boelman, Billie Holm, Patty Beach, Dan Fenelon, Denise Green, Kathy Morawski, and Marie Arnold

September 2003

September 2003

24 Fabulous New Projects with a Grizzly Bear, Eagle Patriotic Shelf, Dresser Mirror, Keepsake Basket, Picture Frames, Pins & Pendants, Leaping Trout Intarsia and more.

August 2003

August 2003 SORRY! SOLD OUT!

21 Exclusive New Projects including a Family Photo Frame, Train Shelf, Draft Horse Intarsia, Tabletop Timepiece, Howling Wolves, Majestic Reflections & more.

June 2003

June 2003 SORRY! SOLD OUT!

19 Exclusive New Projects including Love Plate, Grizzly Bears, Fireman Birdhouse, Round Basket, Fretwork Mini Clock, Madame Butterfly, Sports Plaque, Angelic Keepsake Chest and more.

April 2003

April 2003

18 Exciting New Projects include Standing Strong Plaque, Colorado Moonlight Elk Clock, Cross Box, Garden Basket, Triumph TR-3 Clock Plaque, Compound Nameplates, Muskie Fishing Rod Rack & more.

March 2003

March 2003

22 Fabulous New Projects including New York Skyline Flag, Memorial Cross, Butterfly Music Box, Inlay Box, Canister Basket, Forest Bluejay Leaf Project and more.

January 2003

January 2003 SORRY! SOLD OUT!

26 Exciting New Projects including Intarsia Marlin, Rocking Reindeer, Segmented Yellow Lab, Guardian Angel Night Light, and More!