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November 2002

November 2002 SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Projects- 27 Exclusive Projects including Country Cottage Wall Clock, Eagle Mantle Clock, Spice Cabinet, Civil War Collection, Humpbacked Whales, Veterans Memorial Wall Shelf, and more!

Winter 03

Winter 2003  SORRY! SOLD OUT!

315 full size ornament patterns from Robin Arnold, Dirk Boelman, Billie Holm, Dan & Raymond Wilckens, Patty Beach, Daniel Fenelon,  Liz Starnes, Denise Green, Floyd Jensen & Rick Parsons, Faye May, Diana Thompson.

September 2002

September 2002  SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Yukon Bird Feeder, Bi-Plane, Lion Plaque, Golf Desk Set, 4 Great Mini Clocks, Eagle Intarsia, Striped Bass Intarsia, Carve A Fish, and more!

August 2002

August 2002 SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Projects- Hot Rod Shelves, Rhino Plaque, Tiger Intarsia, Dragon Wall Shelf, Classic Little Step Stool, Duck Napkin Holder, and more!

June 2002

June 2002  SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Liberty Bell Intarsia, Eagle Music Box, Two Train Projects, Candy Machine, Birdhouse, and more!

April 2002

April 2002 SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Cougar Plaque, Coin Cutting Project, Patriotic Jewelry, Train, Bison, Angel Plaques, and more!

March 2002

March 2002

Baseball Desk Set, Horse Intarsia Clock, Lighthouse Intarsia, Guardian Angel Frame, Lake Trout Plaque, and more!

January 2002 January 2002

Eagle Intarsia, Fretwork Frame, U.S. Navy Plaque, Basketball Clock, Cougar Plaque, Scrolling Antler, Three 3-D Ornaments, and More!