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November 2001

November 2001

Projects- Keeper of the Gate, The Royal Mini Clock, Moon Mouse, Holiday Candle Carousel, Leader of the Pack, Basket Clock, Victorian Mirror c. 1895, Ocean Wave Wall Clock, Triptych Screen, Swan, The “Executive,” The B*E*T*A* Project, Falcon, Six Inspirational Ornaments, Cutting a Corian Christmas Ornament, Tiered Drill Bit Stand Carving Section- Carve a Vase of Flowers, Carve a Pirate Bottle Stopper, Meet Franco Sacchet Features- Editorial, John Nelson - Scroll Saw Legend

Winter 2002

Winter 2002 SORRY! SOLD OUT!

300 full size ornament patterns from Robin Arnold, Dirk Boelman, Billie Holm, Dan & Raymond Wilckens, Patty Beach, Daniel Fenelon, Sheila Bergner, Liz Starnes and Joan West & Co.

October 2001

October 2001

Angelfish Intarsia, Wedding Ensemble, Carved Pup, Bluegill with Lily Pad, Sweetheart Box, and More!

August 2001

August 2001

Projects- Let Us Give Thanks Plaque, Scroller Candleholder, Ram, Victorian Sleigh, THe Pontiac Picnic 2000 Mini Clock No. 5, Pumpkin Puzzle, “Miss. Jenny” Bud Vase/Candleholder, Piggy Bank, Arrowhead Bolo and Buckle, Turning a Corian or Other Solid Surface Pen, The Pontiac Picnic 2000 Mini Clock No. 1, Five Robins Clock, NASCAR Shelf, Lighthouse, Firefly, Pair of Elk, Mission Style Trestle Bench, Gone Fishing Plaque Carving Section- Floral Array, The Sideways Look, Sharpening Carving Tools Features- Editorial, True Scroll Saw Stories, Wes’ Workshop

June 2001

June 2001  SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Loons Intarsia, Wolf Clock, Golf Desk Set, Duck Lamp, Horse Plaque, and More!

April 2001

April 2001  SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Patriotic Plaque, Breadboard, K-9 Rookie Desk Set, Ram Mini Clock, Fretwork Shelf, Two Lighthouses, and More!

March 2001

March 2001 SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Wild Turkeys, Fretwork Music Box, Nascar Plaque, 3-Dragons Nightlight, Fretwork Cross Candleholder, Grizzly Bear, Hawk, Sharpening Carving Tools, and Much More!

January 2001

January 2001  SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Projects- Sailing the Globe, Bull Rider Lightbox, The Ancient Sun Mini Clock, Picnic ‘99 No. 4 Mini Clock, Corian Frog Letter Holder, Time Square Clock, Boer Goat, Spider Clock, The Musician’s Shelf, Corian Photo Sculptures, Fox Mini Clock, Honey Bee and Flower, Great Horned Owl, The Winner’s Circle, Fish Shelf Clock Carving Section- Carve a House Sign, Carve a Rose Applique, Tools for Wood Carving Features- Kids Woodcraft Contest 2000, Wes’ Workshop, Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations