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November 2000

November 2000 SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Projects- Leaping Bass Mini Clock, Texas Treasure Chest, Ship in a Bottle, Uninvited Guests, Candelabra, Nautical Shelf, Nine Cross Ornaments, Peasant Clock, Plowman Weather Station, Rainbow Trout Picture Frame, Japenese Koi, Four Christmas Ornaments Carving Section- Carve a Golf Ball, Gothic Tracery, Meet Dave Stetson Features- The Amazing Electro-File, Wes’ Workshop, Millennium Original Design Contest Results

Winter 2001

Winter 2001 SORRY! SOLD OUT!

233 full size ornament patterns from Uncle Wes & Aunt Alice, Billie Holm, Joan West & Faye R. Matis, JP Woodworks, The Art Factory, Patty Beach, Carolina Scrollworks, Robin Arnold, Wilckens Woodworking.

October 2000

October 2000   SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Projects- Deer Intarsia, Fretwork Basket, Fretwork Music Box, Oak Leaf Clock, "American Pride Eagle", and More!

August 2000

August 2000 SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Projects- Girffin Clock, Thwe Elkaholic desk Set, Poured Glass Rose Swag, “Two and Two” Noah’s Ark Puzzle, Adirondack Chair, Blue & Gold Macaw, French Lyre Clock, Carve a Decorative Applique, Woman with a Red Shawl, Meet Hershal Borders, Corian Clown Fish, Splined Miter Box, Two Mini Clocks, Water Buffalo Horn Bolo Tie, Flower Garden Wishing Well Nightlight, Flying Angel, Tiger Features- Wes’ Workshop, Scrolling with Kids, Sepia Toning Past Creative Woodworks & Crafts Projects

June 2000

June 2000  SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Bulldog Intarsia, Martin Clock, Dragon Puzzles, Cherub Carousel, Warwick Accent Lamp, Lighthouse Plaque, Deer Box, Corner Box, Cat Family Clock, Graduation Clock and more.

April 2000

April 2000

Projects- Rest Time, Autumn Keepsake Box, Corian Seahorse Plaque, Wood Sculpture, Wild Duck Collector Plate, Big Top Clown, Acrylic Plexiglass Purse, Footloose and Fancy Tree, Carve a Flower Plaque, Carve a Stylized Heron, Domed Nightlight, Dogwood Cross, A Keeper Crappie, Rock of Ages Lighthouse, Woodburned Wine Rack Features- Wes’ Workshop, Reader’s Gallery, The Sweetest Cuts

March 2000


Projects from the Past- Scroll Sawn Puzzles, Suthwestern Pegboard, Cutlery Tray, Great Blue Heron, Victorian Heart Basket, Potato and Onion Bin, Four Marvelous Mini Clock, Midnight Snacker, Poor Man’s Decoy, Fretwork Eagle, Wooden Train, King of the Beasts, Home Sweet Home Plaque, Craftsman Style Bookcase, Trasure Chest, Wold Cutout, Colorwood Bread Knife, Country Church Birdhouse, Two Mini Clocks, Knife Block New Exlcusive Projects- Mallard in Flight, Twentieth Century in Flight, Red Tailed Hawk, Spice Cabinet, Ultimate Mini Clock, Jays, Beanie Baby Case, Hummingbird, Two Wildlife Wall Hangings, Carve a Rooster Plaque, Woman with Flowing Hair, Carve a Bookmark, Meet Ivan Whillock, Quick and Easy Wall Shelf, Creative Woodworks & Crafts Millunnium Clock, Valentine’s Day Music Box Features- Hot Project Find, The Wood Art of Rob Johnson, Dimensioning Lumber, Creative Woodworks & Crafts Contest Announcement, Power Carving Marilyn Carmin’s Elk

January 2000

January 2000 SORRY! SOLD OUT!

Projects- Measuring Time Mini Clock, Cloud Dancer, Stearman Biplane Clock, Amy’s Victorian Sleigh, Oak Mirror, Anniversary Plate, Ole Sol Sun Clock, Two Potpourri Boxes, Carve a Horse Head Plaque, Masters of Norwegian Carving, Fan Carvin, Two Crosses, Ram and Caribou Wall Hangings, Corian Napkin and Shakers Holder, Corian Pen, Santa with His Sack Scroll Saw Puzzle, Hanging Half-Basket Features- Wes’ Workshop, The “Amanda Clock” The Diveley’s Midwest Scroll Saw Picnic Scrapbook